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Wizzrobeking-The-Average is the url of an ask/rpblog run by The-Red-Vox-Wizzrobeking-mun and includes three muses. The primary muse is The Wizzrobeking, an original character that is The King of the Wizzrobes. The other muses are Mr. Tibles, The King's personal assistant, Goombroy Nelson, current vice commander of the Sun KIngdom, Dellos, a genetically created super solider of the Sun Kingdom, Ghoulette and Needlework, two other members of the Sun Kingdom. There's also Rerun, the King's trainee that has his own blog at Askthesqueekrobe . Despite being on the same blog, The King only know Mr. Tibles and Rerun personally and has met Dellos in a quick exchange before killing Goombrilla. He doesn't know Goombroy, Ghoulette, or Needlework.

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