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Ask-timpani is an ask blog for the character tipi/Timpani from Super Paper Mario Wii. She is known as the tattle character of the game and accompanies Mario throughout his adventures as a multi-colored, butterfly pixle. On

this blog, she is portrayed in her human form, and is sometimes accompanied by other characters from the Super Paper Mario universe. This blog takes place after the events of Super Paper Mario Wii, with a twist ending of the groupgroupe defeating The Count and his minions, but Timpani never regaining her memory and returning to flipside to protect the 8 pure hearts from Count Bleck's clutches.

Personality ==

Timpani's personality is friendly, loving and open to others, very honest with her thoughts. She tends to mother any younger people around her and enjoys company and visitors. Her main source of entertainment is reading.

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Merlon ===

Timpani lives with Merlon, the two sharing a father-daughter relationship. Merlon loves Timpani in a family sense and Timpani returns this affection, making their relationship a happy one.

Francis ===

Francis had kidnapped Timpani for a second time, Francis staying on the blog for a little while afterwards to take questions with Timpani. They grew a bond, Francis' unrequited feelings of romance being moved away so they could share a friendship, although the romantic feelings may be returned in the future.

Count Bleck ===

The Count and Timpani's situation is that The count wants her out of the way and she needs him to stay away. They're interactions are more like a Tom and Jerry episode rather than a fight scene, though.

Mimi ===

Mimi and Timpani's relationship has not been portrayed on this blog much, but Timpani does have a hint of a crush on her.

timpani affectionately snuggling Jack Black

Tribe of Darkness Timpani

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