Samuel Stephen

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  • NAME: Samuel Stephen
  • Nickname: SMASH
  • AGE: 25

  • OCCUPATION: The announcer for the Super Smash Brothers games and tournaments.
  • GENDER: Male
  • HEIGHT: 5’3”
  • SEXUALITY: Asexual
  • ROMANTIC ATTRACTION: Panromantic  (Polyamorous)
  • PERSONALITY: Samuel loves a good fight, and he loves narrating it even more, just as thrill seekers only feel truly alive when doing their crazy stunts, Sam feels only completely at peace when he’s in a battle or watching one. He’s cocky  and assertive when he’s not involved in a fight. As assertive as he is, Samuel will whine and groan when he doesn’t get his way, and is actually surprised when people give in to this people people usually don’t do so. 
  • PAST: As a kid Samuel watched three kinds of tv programs, game shows, wrestling matches, and MMA (or martial arts) matches; he’d even have a radio at work down at his grease factory of a job and listen to marial arts matches in foreign languages he didn’t understand because he wanted to heart the excitement in their voices. He got his chance to work on the big project known as ‘Super Smash Brothers’ when a want add in the newspaper listed was looking for a cook, more promptly, a chef. Samuel didn’t know much about actual cooking, but worked hsi behind off to prepare for an interview, and although he didn’t have a portfolio, either his food was good enough to be used in battles or his employer saw something in him and he got the job. Sam had earned his first nickname as ‘The Showaholic’, he was much more diligent in attending the smashes for the public than in his actual job (While still hard-working mind you); even sneaking into a lot of the private smashes as well. He was a chef there for about two years until the old announcer retired due to his voice giving out, and the company was frantically searching for another; that’s when Samuel saw his chance to take place in the action of the smashes. While Samuel did his best ot try the traditional voice training course, not only did he not have the time, it also had bored him. Instead, the soon-to-be announcer had returned to the roots of his passion, the game shows and martial arts competitions, studying their poses and forming the passion in his voice in the model of theirs. There were numerous other who applied for the job, many  with deeper and richer voices and tons more official voice training, but Samuel took the cake when it came to showmanship, earning himself the job. This and other important jobs were piled onto him as he kept working, almost vitally important in several aspects of the smash brothers business, and so he earned the nickname of “SMASH!”
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