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It's the Nintendask Wiki!

Askblogs are, simply put, one of the most popular mediums of RP on tumblr- the nindendo fandom has a particularly large askblog community full of talented writers, artists and even voice actors. This wikia is for that community (known by its search tag, nintendask!), as a collaborative way to keep track of, give information about and help people find nintendask blogs!

RULES (Important!)

Hey guys! Mod Soren here, wiki's founder. Some ground rules, because on a project like this they are always super important.

MOST IMPORTANT: DO NOT make pages for other peoples' blogs. Upload content and articles only for your own blogs. There are people who don't want to be involved in this- that should be respected. If they want to list themselves, they are easily able to and will do so on their own. People are entitled to their privacy. Please be kind, and respectful!

Second: Keep any content you upload here SFW. There are plenty of minors in the community and they shouldn't have to play shot in the dark when browsing here. Those of you who are adults, please use discretion. Those of you who aren't, please do the same!

Third: For the time being I'm the only Mod in charge, so I'm monitoring things on my own- please have some patience in light of that. I will be doing my best to make sure both major rules are followed, but if you see something I miss, PLEASE do not hesitate to message me and let me know. I don't want this to be a bad or unsafe experience for anybody. And I trust many of you to be helpful and respectful and give me a heads up if I miss anything or if anything pops up that shouldn't be. Thank you!

Our Mission

What are we here for? Well, simple- archive, inform, and search purposes. The nintendask community is startlingly huge, always changing and growing. We're here so that we can all have an easier time finding new blogs to follow, informing people about existing and active blogs, and allow people to collaborate and list themselves as they'd like to be listed! Hopefully this'll work out!

Latest activity

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