Askthedrumdasher is an ask blog for a humanized King Dedede, from the Kirby game franchise. The blog is run by Grover, otherwise known as taydarsauce on tumblr and deviantart. The blog reflects on in-game and Smash Bros canon, but excludes the canon of the Kirby anime.

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Dedede fits his zodiac quite well- he's a Leo. He is prideful, loud and sociable. He does not seek out challenges or goals, but will complete them if required. He isn't protective of the ones he cares for like a bear- instead he pushes independence.


As long as Dedede was in a certain game, he remembers what happened. For games he wasn't in, he has heard brief retellings from those who were. Dedede is the father of Meta Knight, and has briefly told of a past relationship with Ganondorf during the events of Subspace Emissary.

If I told you everything you'd have nothing to ask. The page will be updated here as Dedede's story progresses on the blog.


King Dedede getting 'SHORYUKEN!'-ed by Megaman, drawn by ask-thebluebomber

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