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askpipsqueek is the url of an askblog run by Houkou-NRL. The blog features three muses representing Squeeks and their subspecies from the Super Mario franchise.


Piper is a juvenile Squeek living in Toad Town. She was stated to have only just moved from her home on Yoshi's Island at the time the blog opened.


Piper is generally depicted as friendly and polite; however, she has also been seen to be passive, and rarely argues or stands up for herself. She is known to be affectionate with those she trusts.

Although normally quite rational, Piper harbors several fears from her childhood on Yoshi's Island. Of these, her fears of Chomps and Piranha Plants appear to be the worst. However, these fears appear to be based on her experience from Yoshi's Island, rather than phobias.


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Mowzin is a Nomadimouse from Dry Dry Outpost. He is Piper's father and presently lives on Yoshi's Island. Although he no longer lives there, he continues to keep in touch with a few choice contacts from Dry Dry Outpost, and regularly sends fruit to Little Mouser's Shop.


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Bitony is a Little Skull Mouser from Yoshi's Island. She is Piper's mother. Being a Little Skull Mouser, she spends her nights traveling the island, playing out the role of a monster so that children stay in bed.

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