Askmsmowz is a blog run by Bedmun for the Paper Mario TTYD partner, Ms. Mowz. She's drawn in a human form and is ready for asks, badges, and a good time in general! This blog takes place about 2 years after the game ends.

Short Bio

Name(s): Ms. Mowz/Ross

Age: 24 (21/22 during TTYD events)

Gender: Genderfluid, switches between female and male.

Sexuality: Panromantic Homosexual

Height: 5'5 without shoes

Weight: Healthy size with a bit of muscle.

Game of Origin: Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door (major ally character.)

Likes: Badges, stealing, fashion, cheese, romcoms, perfumes, adventure, attractive people, etc.

Dislikes: Horror movies, rude/nosy people, loud noises, bad smells, coffee, etc.

Strongest positive trait: Optimism

Strongest negative trait: Lying

Current Happenings

At the moment, there is a plot stream going where Ms. Mowz is discussing some of her experiences with the other TTYD partners.

I'm gonna add more later I'm so tired....

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