AskMsGoombella is another blog run by the artist hollarity. It runs adjunct to the askthegoomba blog and as such the two have a lot of overlapping material. Although the main main focus of the blog is the character Goombella, other characters and material from the Paper Mario Games do appear frequently. Additionally, the blog takes place 5 years after the events of Paper Mario: the Thousand Year Door, so Goombella and crew have full memory of the events that transpired.

TTYD cast banner

The partners from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door as they appear in human form.


Goombella is a canon character from the video game Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. For more information on her canon game appearances see here.

Tttyd bella

Goombella is a 4th year grad student currently undergoing her final year at the University of Goom Heights (UGH for short). She is a well read individual with a passion for archaeology and mythology- particularly the myths that pertain to star lore. Although she can come across as high maintenance, she is more than willing to do what it takes to investigate mysteries and to help others in need.

Talented with the Tattle ability, Bella is a bit of a gossip and has a hard time biting her tongue. She does little to curb her sass and she is very honest with how she feels about people. If she likes you, she likes you. If she hates you, well, expect a scathing retort in essay format on your desk in the near future.


Goombella is an attractive 25 year old woman with green eyes, a tanned rosy complexion, and long blonde hair that is usually tied back in some manner. When she was little her father used to tie her hair up and braid it, and as such Bella only lets people she truly trusts touch her hair. Anyone else who attempts to touch it is usually dealt with a swift head bonk.

Clothing wise, Bella's most frequently recurring outfit is her light green pith helmet with a matching collared tank top and rolled up sleeves. She often pairs the top with khaki shorts, brown boots (ankle high or knee high depending) and a red tie or scarf. Additional accessories include her brown leather gloves and the holster on her right thigh that she keeps her tattle log in. She also occasionally wears light turquoise thigh high socks with her boots.


In this iteration of the character, Goombella is the daughter of a Goomba and a Toadstool.

Toamas and Goomarissa

Concept art of Goombella's parents.

Her mother, Goomarissa is an ambitious goodwill ambassador who is one of the only goombas on staff in the Mushroom Kingdom castle. She has worked to improve goomba/ toadstool relationships for the past 27 years and is a dedicated force to be reckoned with. Her father, Dr. Toamas Tremella, is a mycologist, and the two met when Marissa first started interning at the castle and Toamas came in to make a house call for the princess.

Being half goomba and half toadstool put Goombella into a unique position.

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