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Askchompy is an ask blog featuring the humanized chainchomp pup, Chompy and their friend Inker.

It's a cute, mostly lighthearted blog, and answers questions with drawn responses.


Chompy is a 5 year old chainchomp pup who lives alone attached to a stake in a large field. They get their food from passersby who stop and visit, and also from their best friend Inker.


Chompy Facts

  • Chompy is gender-neutral and goes by any pronoun people decide to use, Chompy doesn't care that much. (Mun refers to Chompy with they/them pronouns)
  • Chompy is approximately 3 feet tall.
  • While Chompy is attached to a stake, the stake itself is not actually secured to the ground. However, They can't leave due to fear of their owning coming back and finding Chompy to be gone.
  • Chompy was abandoned at the age of three, they were able to survive on their own without much issue.
  • Chompy's best friend is Inker, who visits mostly daily.
  • They admire all adult chainchomps they meet or anyone who is stronger or taller than the average human.
  • Chompy aspires to be the biggest and strongest chainchomp when they grow up.
Bruh plz

Chompy reveals they're not actually stuck


Inker is a humanized inky piranhaplant Who visits Chompy on a regular basis, Shes mostly reserved but has has lots of energy.

Im inker 2

Inker Facts

  • Inker goes by she/her pronouns
  • Inker lives with her family, consisting of her Mom, Dad, and older sister. None of have been introduced yet.
  • Inker has a noticeable stutter that gets worse when shes nervous, excited or surprised/shocked.
  • She loves to sing but doesn't have much confidence in herself.
  • Inker's hair is made of slime.
  • Slime is usually dripping out of her mouth.
  • Inker's favorite Holiday is Halloween.
    Slimy 2


  • The mun created Chompy the same day she created the blog, November 13, 2014.
  • Chompy's hair is based off of Terezi's from homestuck.
  • The mun of the blog based her persona's appearance on her own.
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