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"Askatroopa" is the url of the askblog "Ask a Troopa" run by Admiral Apathy. The blog centeres on an average Koopa Troopa, named Steve, from Bowser's army, and has a strong focus on comedy.

Steven "Steve" Archibald Koopa

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Steve is a green-shelled Koopa Troopa in Bowser's Army. He's wanted to be in the Koopatrol ever since he was a koopaling. Oh well.

Likes: Koopa Tea, working for Bowser, long walks on the beach, and being the life of the party.

Dislikes: the colour red, specifically in conjunction with the colour blue, moustaches, and malicious ghosts


Steve is brash, apathetic, as well as cowardly at times. He generally deals with problems by galloping head first into them like an enraged mustang with thoughts of consequences dangling frantically from the saddle. He also displays immense self-confidence (to a fault) and unwavering loyalty (also to a fault).

Fun Facts

  • Steve was originally planned to be maintenance/janitorial staff at Bowser's Castle. This changed very early, at the beginning of the Troopa's Day Off arc, when askboompom left an ask implying Steve was late for his patrol
  • In early planning stages of the ask blog, Steve was going to be only one of a handful of characters including a paratroopa, a goomba, a bob-omb, and himself. He was going to be a lazy, slacker-type character
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