AskMidbus is an ask blog featuring the character of Midbus from "Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story". It was created on November 9th, 2014.

Using a combination of art, story, and sassy responses to asked questions; the blog sheds light on the backstory and ongoing characterization of the former Fawful minion. Subject matter skews more mature, with themes of depression, violence, death, and guilt being heavily focused on.

Oh, and there's a lot of half naked bara. A LOT.


Midbus is a gioza citizen (specifically a Dragon Gioza) of the Koopa Kingdom, and well known for being the former right hand of Lord Fawful. During the events of Bowser's Inside Story, the gioza betrayed King Bowser and helped Fawful to wreck havoc on the mushroom kingdom and take over Bowser's castle all in an attempt to help his master achieve full power to obtain the Dark Star. He was summarily defeated by Bowser and the Mario Brothers and left frozen inside the castle walls.

After the events of Bowser's Inside Story, Midbus has bide his time, developing his own resources and crafting his own plans, all to take revenge (though on who exactly hasn't been exactly stated). At the same time, Midbus also has been forming his own unique relationships and memories, all without a boss to guide him. Life in the Nintendask world isn't easy when you look like Midbus. Rivaling the Koopa King in size attracts attention, and he now navigates the world, reflecting on past mistakes, and teetering between crippling guilt and blinding spite.

Also he just loves to show off.


Midbus is a fairly large gioza, towering over other characters in height and exceeding many in width. His body is incredibly well built, matching Bowser's, right down to a layer of softness around the midsection. Complimenting his physique, his face features a thick square jaw, broad nose, and heavy brows. Like all gioza, Midbus has two large tusks protruding from his mouth, dark tan skin, and pointed ears.

Perhaps his most noticeable feature is his brilliant pink hair and beard. The length varies often, but is typically grown long, sometimes with buzzed side. If long enough, his hair will be tied back in some manner with a hair ornament in the shape of horns giving him a "demon" look. Likewise his eyes are pink.

His outfits fall between royal regalia, punk, and urban. Ranging from classy formal to lounge casual. His formal wear tends to be studded, featuring chains and other absurd accessories. His casual wear is far less adorned, and instead is often low cut, tight, and shows off his muscles.

Midbus currently has two tattoos. His first is present on his left shoulder, a Bowser Insignia. He refuses to speak much of it, but he has shared that he got it sometime before "the big freeze". Post thawing, he at some point damaged it resulting in a large x shaped scar covering it up.

His second tattoo is on the back of his neck, and often remains obscured by his hair. It pictures a spiked thwomp with the numbers "935" on it. It has been inferred that this was a sort of branding done during the time he volunteered as a test subject, also before "the big freeze". He is fairly sensitive about it, violently lashing out at those who touch it without his knowledge.


On the surface, Midbus comes across as both stubborn and aggressive. To many, his grumpy features give an air of displeasure. Midbus is fairly loud and boastful, easy to rile up and start an argument with. This coupled with his frequent anger and sarcasm paints him as a major hot (cold?) head.

Beneath the layers of bravado though, lies a fairly insecure man questioning his worth frequently. In private Midbus experiences frequent self doubt and believes himself a danger and hindrance to those around him. He also does so poorly in reading and academics that he has no confidence in his intellectual capabilities. If it wasn't for his goal of revenge, it's doubtful he would even put in the effort to forge the friendships he has left. Likewise he's incredibly secretive, and his gut reaction to danger is to isolate himself from his peers.

Midbus yearns for trusting and lasting friendships. In spite of his grumpy demeanor, he's frequently looking out for younger or smaller individuals, as protection is a natural instinct of a Gioza. When dead set on a cause he proves to be incredibly loyal until forced aside, of course he also bears strong grudges. This loyalty combined with his insecurity make him more suited as a follower where he feels safe, rather than a leader. He prefers being given direction rather than making it up for himself.

A hopeless romantic, Midbus is quick to form romantic and sexual bonds with other adults frequently, some lasting only a short time and others getting fairly serious. He's a bit of a playboy, with a knack for flirting and an admittedly impressive physique.

All of this makes him a natural observer of the community at large.

Fatherly, self victimizing, ferocious, and dedicated, Midbus is a conflicting mess of emotion and doubt, struggling to find purpose and strength.


MIdbus was abandoned as an infant and taken in by the the Koopa Kingdom's then war adviser and dean of the Koopa Academy, Cliff "Head Thwomp" Halstone. Midbus spent his whole childhood at the academy, an experience he has stated to have been less than pleasant. He suffered bullying and got into fights frequently at his adoptive father's displeasure and was punished for his actions. Midbus met a young Bowz at some point and the two became fast friends before having a falling out some time before Midbus went into a cryo-sleep.

In his young adult years Midbus volunteered to participate in a program that would enhance his natural gift for ice magic in the hopes of being a benefit to the kingdom, but unfortunately disaster struck causing a large number of casualties and Midbus entering a frozen state for millennia. There are no known records of this in the kingdom's library.

Midbus reemerged in the world a long time later, only to find everyone was gone or had forgotten him. He turned his anger towards Bowz and teamed up with Fawful to take him down. They enjoyed mild success at first, but Midbus was eventually defeated when the crown amplifying his ice magic backfired on him and Bowz kicked his ass thoroughly.

Post Fawful Midbus went into hiding for half a decade, only to show up again with a number of funds stolen from Bowz and vowing to set up his own army. His castle actually lies not far from Bowz's and belongs on darkland property. None the less Midbus has been allowed to continue his new scheme and quickly gathered the talents of many disaffected minions post the great koopa-strike of 2014. Time would see these minions eventually leave Midbus for their own reasons, leaving only the volatile haunted piano Grigore still supporting the Gioza.

Notably, Midbus formed a strong bond with Birdetta who frequented the same salon as him. The two developed a strong friendship and an affection for each other. This culminated in Midbus's invitation to the Wedding of Bowz and Daisy, an event he was reluctant to attend. At this time Cackletta was running the mushroom kingdom in Peach's stead, and in a display of trickery Midbus was able to relieve her of the crown jewel before temporarily freezing her.

Midbus did have a reason to attend the wedding besides Birdetta. He was able to find Daisy's crown unguarded and under the cover of romancing former rival Count Bleck, was able to nab the gem in the center like he did to Peach's crown. Unfortunately the wedding slowly turned into a disaster as events unfolded, which included Midbus reacting violently to his neck tattoo being touched. His fury accidentally found itself striking Birdetta, an action that Midbus has regretted immensely in spite of her full recovery.

Midbus also developed a very strong affection for Count Bleck, and the two mutually were seen becoming a strong romantic pair for nearly a year. This unfortunately also ended in tragedy when Bleck was almost attacked by a violent Grigore. He was saved in time by Midbus, but the latter realized that he couldn't keep those he loved out of harm's way and decided to end their relationship once safe.

Midbus has spent a lot of time in the following months isolated from the community, but did attend the Masquerade Ball. His goals and purpose are incredibly vague, with Mid rarely elaborating beyond "I must kill him" and "I know he's out there".



Midbus's size and dedication to his own body has granted him incredible strength, able to tussle with Bowser and receive large hits and burns without so much as flinching. His skin has shown to be rather durable to minor injury, and he easily can break through a stone wall. He's lifted chain chomps on numerous occasions, often regarded as the heaviest of minions.

Midbus is also fairly graceful, having trained in dance, and performing spins and runs someone his size wouldn't normally be known for. In fact, while Midbus often fails academically, he's proven to be quite adept at most physical training and activities.

Ice Magic

While not common, many gioza can perform magic, with dragon gioza like Midbus able to internalize it as an elemental life force. If dragon koopas specialize in fire, then their gioza counterparts match it in water. Midbus's specializes in an ice version, which flows throughout his body as a sort of mana he can tap into at will and against it.

It frequently shows as a summon, with the moisture in the air solidifying and and expanding rapidly. He is able to manipulate such ice to a large degree though without much technique. This includes summoning snow fall, icicles, ice weapons, and blasts. From semi sentient snowmen to large snowballs, summoning comes naturally.

As a dragon gioza this also forms internally, showing often in blast of cold frost from his mouth of nostrils when provoked (his mouth is said to be fairly minty). He can therfore channel it in blasts this way, or have cold and frost radiate from his very body. Indeed Midbus can survive even at subzero temperatures, fidns no reaction from being cold, and can walk through solid ice.

This ice magic also serves as a protection. While he can't simply swim through lava like a king koopa, he can offer himself protection to it as long as he's in good mind to do so. It makes fairly quick armor too.

Unfortunately due to experimentation and a tumultuous upbringing, his control over such magic is erratic and tied to his emotional state. When provoked he starts losing control, with his blood freezing over first. As his veins freeze and his body turns pale and blue, large icicles puncture his body, growing out in branched spires like a macabre snowflake. In this state he is incredibly dangerous and best avoided. Of course, such mutilation to his body will require medical attention. This state has only been seen twice.

This magic can be augmented with equipment such as a modified crown.

Fighting Style

Midbus's fighting style is in your face, utilizing heavy weapons (like ball and chain), quick rolls and spins, and plenty of solid punches. He fights like a pro wrestler, with none of the acting. He is rarely defensive in his fighting style, instead preferring to beat his foes into submission.

Memory Manipulation

While not an actual power, there is a strange temporal affect around him. Ever since waking from his frozen slumber, Midbus has noticed that the longer her keeps away from someone the more they forget about him. Erased from history books and old albums, this seems to be a result of whatever incident occurred to cause his hibernation. Bowz is one of the few people to have been alive during Midbus's youth, and in spite of Mid's claims of their friendship has almost no knowledge of the Gioza prior to Fawful's takeover.

The speed at which memory loss happens is unclear. Few have been kept far away enough and for long enough to test this, though former allies and minions have been seen to slowly drop contact, forget scents, and forget key events. Midbus has used this to his advantage, since in his eyes it keeps people safe from his goals.



  • Mr. I (Donojo - A Mr. I he retrieved from Big Boo's Haunt. Dono currently serves as his right hand and closest confidante.
  • Grigore - A Mad Piano he befriended in Big Boo's Haunt. He sometimes serves as a helper, but mostly keeps to himself in the castle.
  • Merlana - A shaman formerly employed by Belome. She serves to help guide Midbus.


  • C.C - A Chain Chomp. Midbus is still in contact with him
  • Charlie - A Chuckya. Midbus is still in contact with her
  • Asalie - A Luma (rabbit). Midbus is still in contact with her
  • Mimi - No longer in contact with
  • Shy Guy - No Longer in contact with
  • Flame Chomp - No Longer in contact with


Count Bleck

Midbus's relationship with Count Bleck started off in a heated rivalry when the two of them set sights on the hiring of a poison piranha plant. After the plant sided with Bleck, Midbus retained little contact with the count, though he had heard through the grapevine that the latter held an attraction towards him. At the wedding of Bowz and Daisy, Midbus capitalized on these feelings and made a move on Bleck as to obtain the jewel from Daisy's crown. While successful, Midbus found himself genuinely attracted to Bleck and the two formed a bond that soon blossomed into a very real and serious relationship.

Midbus finds himself unusually calm and happy when around the count. While neither divulges much about their past to the other, they share a mutual respect and fit together nicely in spite of being the opposite in many ways. Midbus finds Bleck physically attractive and is often very affectionate and quite a tease when in proximity. Midbus is also likely to put himself in harm's way for the sake of the Count.

The two had their relationship abruptly ended when Midbus saved Bleck from Grigore's anger and decided to break up to keep Bleck safe. The two have seen each other in passing, but haven't spoken much since.


Midbus encountered Birdetta at some point when the kingdom rallied behind her after a personal attack she received. In an offer of support he gave her a handmade accessory. The two hit off quite a friendship afterwards and were frequently seen in each others company, eventually culminating in a kiss.

Things went sour during the wedding when during a miscommunication Midbus attacked Birdetta. While Midbus may have had motives to get close to the Koopa Kingdom, his guilt over what happened with Birdetta makes it unclear just how real and how deep their relationship was.

Since the wedding, Midbus and Birdetta had remained amicable, though Midbus did not visit or speak to her for a long time when she underwent surgery. Recently though he has attended the Masquerade Ball she hosted.


Midbus claims to have known the Koopa King for most of latter's natural life, though the King can hardly come up with a memory detailing anything of the sort prior to Midbus teaming up with Fawful. While Midbus purports the two to have once been close friends, the only thing of absolute certainty is their hostile relations now.

Midbus spent much of the takeover with Fawful taunting Bowz and leading him from one trap to the other. This resulted in three known battles, of which only the first one was Midbus triumphant. Midbus has not sought a position on Bowser's throne since that take over, but remains usually aggressive when around him.

There is some degrees of amicability, as evidenced when Bowz sent a get well card when Midbus was hospitalized, but by and large these two grumps bicker and taunt whenever the other is within shouting distance.


Over the course of Bowser's Inside Story and in thanks for being thawed Midbus showed a deep loyalty and camaraderie with Fawful. Midbus was clearly trusted by his leader as he was given Bowz's castle to rule over and worked to keep Bowz and the plumbers from reaching his master.

Things soured afterwards though when partially frozen Midbus was left to die by everyone as the castle was under control of the dark star. Today, while Midbus does not fear Fawful and can be cordial with him, he does not seem to have any fondness for the bean.


Details about Apollo are unknown beyond him being a bombshell bill who Midbus was in a relationship with prior to the freeze.


Griogore is the mad piano working for Midbus. Having been haunting the land long before Midbus woke up, the former concert pianist was granted safety and understanding under Midbus's leadership and as such currently lives in the castle. The two get along fairly well, as evidenced by the piano scarf that was a gift to Grigore from Midbus.

Cliff Halstone

There are fewer things Midbus is willing to talk about than his adoptive father Cliff Halstone. Midbus has alluded a few times his distaste for the Thwomp.

In Game Characterization

Midbus originated from Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, the third game in the Mario and Luigi series.

In game, Midbus is the second in command to Fawful and conspired with him in taking over Bowser's castle and retrieving the dark star. Midbus in many ways served as a rival and mirror to Bowser, being of similar design, build, and attitude. The pair butted heads often throughout the game, culminating in three fights, the last of which resulted in Midbus being frozen.

His history, species, and motivations are unclear, but in many ways he's just like another Bowser, though one with a more brutish speech pattern and with less showmanship.

Midbus has not appeared in any other media.


Based on the video game character and selected upon by Token Tiger (The mun), Midbus wasn't their first choice. Inspired by the likes of Bowz, BB, and Birdetta... Token created a list of characters they had interest in, and searched the community for those not chosen. They settled on Midbus. Midbus started off in his initial stages as a stout and fair skinned male with hog like features. As Midbus integrated with the community, Token took many cues from their peers, increasing Midbus's size and romanticizing his looks more. As the rivalry with the Bowser from asktehbowz got played up, Midbus was pushed forward more to be a counterpart to the popular gjinka, increasing his mass.

From that point the blueprints for Midbus had been set, with many tweaks every few months made. Darker skin, fuller hair, strong features... Midbus's appearance changed drastically from the initial sketches.

Storywise Midbus has been a fluid character, shaping his background as more and more muses reveal their perspective in the world. Romances and ships allowed romantic drama, the revelations of Bowz's age pushed the tale of Midbus's long cryo-sleep, and combined with the mythology of the series his story has formed into a dramatic tale.


Token Tiger is the mun behind AskMidbus. Hailing from the FNAF tumblr community, the mun joined Nintendask in the following November and has stuck around for two years.


  • Midbus fares poorly at non-physical activities and playing the leader, yet has been shown multiple times operating large robots, helping to lead Bowser's Castle (albeit with hypnotized minions), and even now has his own castle to run. Granted he's down to two minions and many said robots were destroyed.
  • Midbus is a trained dancer and often teaches others as a bit of a side hobby during his downtime
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